Friday, June 14, 2019

1000 Miles and 3 States in 4 Days

Dogwoods were blooming all around our campsite in Southern Oregon!

Darlene loved watching this creek rushing by.

Jade's birthday was the first night of our camping trip!

Coming back from the creek to see what Dada was doing back in the campsite.

Then back to see the water!

Throwing sticks into the creek, endless entertainment!

So much green! 

Jade always makes us a nice warm fire, even in rainy Oregon.

We packed up camp and hit the road, stopping on the way at this river overlook.

Campsite #2 was near Alturas, CA. It was very cold but there was this nice little lake at our campground. Also, the camping here was FREE!

We needed a nice warm fire because it was freezing cold!

Lots of bright lichen everywhere at this camp!

Darlene all bundled up and watching cartoons.

Our campsite was at 6000 ft elevation, so it was snowing when we set up camp!

This old toy horse was outside a tiny grocery story in Cedarville, CA.

Of course Darlene had to ride it! She was belting out the song from "Spirit" as she was on the horse.

After we left our 2nd campsite, we set out in search of some heat. We drove just across the border to Nevada. The roads were long and straight. 

Some Nevada wildflowers.

These flowers were so pretty! Wish I knew what they were.

Wild Antelope by the side of the highway.

Jade had heard of some hot springs near us in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. We drove down the long dirt road on BLM land with limited signs telling us where to go. The desert earth was very muddy due to recent rains, so we parked our Subaru and continued on foot the short distance to the hot springs.

Darlene's feet were sinking into the mud and her shoes were getting overloaded with mud, so it was easier to just be barefoot!

We made it to the hot springs! Super neat!

We met another family there with young kids! The mom took our photo:)

Black Rock Desert

After we left the hot spring we set up camp nearby in the desert on BLM land!
The view from our tent!

The hill next to our camp. Darlene playing in the dirt.

A delicate desert plant. 

We hiked to the top of the hill next to our camp. We could see so far in every direction!

Here you can see the road heading back to the main interstate.

Mountains in the distance.
Darlene wanted to try out the Vortex binoculars!

Our Forester is way down there, a tiny speck. 

Walking back down the steep hill. 

Thunderstorms kept passing overhead, some were very intense and windy. The thunder rumbled powerfully right next to us all throughout the valley. 

After the thunderstorms, we witnessed the most spectacular rainbows!